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Inanimate Alice

"The Inanimate Alice  stories are digital readers, combining text, images, sound and interaction to take you with Alice on a number of her adventures as she moves round the world with her parents. But it’s more than that. The overall effect of IA certainly adds up to more than the sum of its parts. The screen’s all black, the text flickers with static audio or dark drum n’ bass style rhythms that exacerbate the tension, very real photo images and the hard edges of architecturally precise building plans contrast with childish doodles and musings."

This is taken from my recent guest post on Kyle Mawer and Graham Stanley's Digital Play Blog. To get a better look at this go to:

To have a really good look at an episode of Inanimate Alice go to:

To catch up on the latest Inanimate Alice events and chatter, go to her page on FaceBook.

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